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Its Time to Rumble

Next Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, the 19th June 2018, the city will rumble as 22 Harley Davidson motorcycles pick up a Corporate Group in Flinders Lane (near the corner of Russell Street). For this group from Hong Kong it will be the culmination of their visit to Melbourne, as part of an Incentive Reward Trip, as we take them for a cruise out of the city, over the Westgate Bridge to Williamstown and them back to their hotel. It will look something like tis when we took a similar group on a Harley Davidson Ride experience.

The agent who booked the ride asked, "What will they see?", to which we responded, "They will see everything." The big mistake is to assume that this is just another sightseeing tour. It is far more than that, it is a total experience, one that they won't forget.

Visit our Facebook site to see more of what we have done in this area.

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