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Melbourne World's Most Motorcycle Friendly City

When it comes to owning and riding a motorcycle, Melbourne stands out as the best place to ride a motorcycle.

It starts with the weather. There are very few days in the year when you can't get out and enjoy a great ride. There are few days when its too wet or too hot. Melbourne's climate is quite mild.

Situated within close to some of the most spectacular motorcycle roads, where one can fully enjoy the thrill of riding, it offers everything. The nearby hills are frequented my thousands of riders every weekend. The Black Spur is a particular favourite route that wends its way up into the mountains to beautiful Marysville where one can stop for coffee and relax and reflect as you take in the cool mountain air.

But, that's not all - closer to the city is the Yarra Valley and its many wineries. This region is best reached via the alternate route that takes one along the winding back roads through places called Kangaroo Ground, Christmas Hills and Yarra Glen. The approach coming down into Yarra Glen exposes a stunning panoramic vista that opens out as you ride down the side of the mountain. From Yarra Glen, one can choose to turn north and continue on to the places with names like Castella and King Lake. From King Lake you can ride back down through the hills along a winding road back to the northern outskirts of the city. If you choose not to head north at Yarra Glen, you continue east to Healsville, via Tarrawarra or past the Choclaterie along the Old Healsville Road (my favourite). Healsville is the gateway to the Black Spur. Its a great place to stop for coffee and a relax. You can choose from a variety of Pubs, coffee shops and wineries, before you continue on up the famous Black Spur to Marysville. But wait, there's more! One can venture on up into the mountains from Marysville. From here you can head out to Lake Mountain (above the snowlike in winter) and down the Reefton Spur to the Reefton Pub, and the bustling township of Warburton. By the time you reach the Reefton Pub you will be ready to stretch your legs and stop for a coffee or a meal. Or you may wish to push on to Warburton where there are a myriad of restaurants, cafes and other attractions.

The magic thing about this ride? It can all be comfortably be done within daylight hours. Its a spectacular round trip. And you can do it on any day of the year on a Harley Ride with us. On a final note, the ride I have described here is only one of many options one can choose. There are many other rides just as amazing as the Black Spur, which one can venture using Melbourne as the base. I will feature these other routes in future Blog articles. Subscribe to our site so that you can read them when they are published.

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