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Melbourne World's Most Motorcycle Friendly City - Part 2

What most people, who don't ride motorcycles, don't understand is the fact that on a motorcycle one is far more manoeuvrable in traffic. If you drive a car you would be familiar with seeing riders weaving in and around traffic, particularly in heavy traffic congestion. This is more commonly known as Lane Filtering. And in Melbourne, the world's most friendly motorcycle city, its now legal.

What may come as a shock to some is the fact that Lane Filtering was legalised for Safety reasons. Believe it or not, its safer for a rider to Lane Filter and avoid being hit by other vehicles if they practice this skill. On a motorcycle one never gets stuck in traffic. For our passengers on a Harley Ride this means that we can take them further in an hour that any other form of transport. Coupled with the fact that their view of the sights is not obscured, as it is in a bus or a taxi, they get to see more and we don't need to stop and get out of the bus to take photos. Seated on the back of one of our Harley Davidson motorcycles our passengers can use their cameras or phones to photograph or video the sights, of their friends on other bikes riding in formation with us, to capture and record everything. Melbourne is quite flat and easy to get around. Located on the northern shore of Port Phillip Bay it offers excellent scenic opportunities. In one hour you can ride from the centre of Downtown Melbourne and take in a ride along the beachfront and cross the Westgate Bridge to visit the seaside suburb of Williamstown. Along the way one can view the sights, watch the city life and take in everything that Melbourne has to offer.

An added bonus when riding around the city, at the speed limit of 60 kilometres per our, is that you can chat with your rider, who will point out the sights and explain their history. Or, if you don't want to do that, we can quite easily talk about anything else you want to know about - like his magnificent machine or other things you might be interested in doing elsewhere in Melbourne (if you are a visiting tourist).

We recommend if you have never visited Melbourne before that you take a Harley Ride at the start of your trip. This means that you will be able to further explore some of the places we take you past on your ride. You can tap our knowledge about things and places that aren't well documented in the tourist literature or elsewhere on the web. You may even decide to book us for a longer ride so that we can take you to further out of town to the Dandenong Ranges, the Yarra Valley or down the Great Ocean Road.

Motorcycle Friendly City

If the idea of truly seeing more and getting the best out of Melbourne, then please choose us. If you have just stumbled across this article and think its too late to organise a ride we can handle late bookings. If you call John and want to go for a ride today, he will do everything he can to make that happen. If you choose to use our Online Booking facility we will add 25% more time to your ride and you will get better value as we take you further and are able to include more than our competitors.

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