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21st Birthday Harley Ride

Over the many years that we have been taking people out for the Harley Ride Experience, Birthday Rides have featured hundreds of times. Its not always the aspiring Harley Davidson owner. Its not always adrenaline seekers. Age appears not to be a factor. Nor is there a prevalence towards males or females.

Amy goes for a Harley Rides on her 21st Birthday

Most Birthday Harley Rides are booked as a surprise. This always achieves maximum impact, because it doesn't give the person going for the ride to think about it. If you give someone advance warning they tend to stress about the idea (due to all those negative stereotypes they have been fed over the years) and they may indicate they don't want to go. This is a mistake - a HUGE MISTAKE! The reality is - they have no idea what it will be like. At the end of the ride they always express a positive attitude about their experience. Take our latest Birthday Ride:

The range of ages starts with young children, where a Harley Davidson Sidecar at the birthday party is the best option, right up to people in their '80s. We have even taken out some who have been over 100. Believe it or not. For young people its a new experience, one that they never forget and which all too often sparks that light of interest which sees them taking up motorcycle riding at a later date. For many older generations, it brings back memories of days gone by. Many who grew up in the 1950's or during WW2 hold memories of parents who rode a motorcycle, or for whom a motorcycle fitted with a sidecar was the family car. Several years ago, a woman booked a Birthday Harley Ride for her husband with us. Ten years later he was the President of a local chapter of the Harley Owners Group in Melbourne. If only Harley-Davidson realised how much marketing we have done on their behalf. Sadly that is not the case.

What we do is "plant seeds" and "change perceptions" held be those who don't ride motorcycles or have never had an interest in riding a motorcycle.

If anything you have read here strikes a chord, we encourage you to give us a call on 0419359628 or book a ride or purchase a gift voucher.

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