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Getting the Best Buck

The Age journalist Ross Gittins wrote an article on 25th December titled, "How to get more bang from your bucks: go on more holidays" in which he discussed the subject of Experiences and their value to people's satisfaction.

The concept "that spending on experiences – from an overseas holiday to a trip to the movies – yields more happiness than buying more stuff" reflects what people get from the Harley Rides experience.

"That is, a lot of the enjoyment comes from our interaction with the people we share the experience with. (This, BTW, gets closer to what I really believe about all this: deep satisfaction comes from our human relationships, not from what we buy.)

Second, experiential purchases form a bigger part of a person’s identity. We are the sum of our life’s experiences – pleasant and otherwise – much more than the sum of our material possessions.

Third, experiential purchases are evaluated more on their own terms and evoke fewer social comparisons than material purchases." Ross Gittins

Life is an experience and memories are the means by which we retain and relive those experiences. Which brings me to the reason why Ross's article piqued my attention - its a two way street for both the person participating and the person providing the experience. When ones business revolves around their passion, as is my own, then sharing something from which I achieve joy with another human being multiplies the value of my business in much more than just financial terms. Unlike any other job, when you are doing something which ones considers as play or a hobby, then it no longer becomes work. The reward for effort no longer is money, the reward is the responses, feed back, excited reactions and new friendships that result from sharing the experience.

If you are a "people person" then a Harley Rides Business becomes more than just a job. That reflects my experience. Meeting people and finding out about their interests is a constant source of reward. Ours business is all about our customers and from their feedback it appears that we are well on track.

Don't just see the Great Ocean Road, Experience it on a Harley Ride

People cite many different reasons for booking a Harley Ride Experience. Often its to celebrate a special occasion, sometimes its to share an experience with friends or family.

Family Melbourne Harley Ride

For some it is a Bucket List experience. For some its a vehicle with which to convince a partner or parent to allow them to get a motorcycle licence and proceed to a lifetime of motorcycle ownership. Many is the time, at the end of a Harley Ride, that the wife or girlfriend of the male who booked the ride exclaims, "I think you should get one of these!" Believe it or not we have been responsible for many motorcycle sales over the last 20 years. Harley Davidson just don't realise how much free marketing we do in their behalf.

Bucket List Experience - A Harley Ride

For others its a vehicle to build employee team work, or as a way to reward their staff at the end of the year. What we do know is that its an experience that will be a hot topic of conversation around the office for years to come.

What we do know is - most people have no idea what riding on a Harley Davidson is really like. Perception stands as an obstacle. The truth is - after this experience their perceptions will have taken a couple U-Turn.

You can organise a Harley Ride without any fuss. Availability isn't a problem. Call John on 0419359628 or Book Online

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