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Considering a Harley Ride Gift Voucher?

There is the nasty little secret that Gift Voucher companies don't want you to know. Many, many vouchers are never redeemed.

Yes - you can purchase a Gift Voucher via our Inline Booking Facility. We recommend you read this first.

The problem with giving someone a Gift Voucher starts with the fact that they often have no idea how much you spent on the voucher you have given them. They tend not to appreciate the value of the gift and subsequently the Gift Voucher often is never redeemed.

​When it comes to a Harley Ride, the person receiving the voucher often waits for the perfect day and the perfect weather (thinking that those factors are very important - when they are not) before they redeem the voucher. All too often the voucher gets lost or forgotten. Some people will make up every excuse under the sun to put off the date for redeeming their voucher. Quite often, even after we have counselled them, people choose a Gift Voucher instead of booking a fixed date and time for a Harley Ride for their friends. "Oh, we're absolutely certain that will use the voucher," they assure us. Sadly, the truth is they often don't.

Our Advice

The element of surprise never fails. When you take control of the date and time of the Harley Ride booking, the person doesn't have time to worry about organising things. Any apprehensions they may have about riding on the back of a Harley Davidson (the factor that has the greatest impact) are out of their control. The truth is that, after a minute or two as we head off on the ride, all those apprehensions have disappeared. What they perceived the experience would be like disappear. At the end of the ride they return excited and enthusiastic about the experience. Believe it or not! People love to Give

Over 60% of all Harley Ride bookings are made by people organising a ride for a friend or relative. Why is that, you ask? As far as we can discern, its because most people can't convince themselves to get on the back of a motorcycle. But, they will happily inflict it (what the they think is an experience which might scare their friends - yes that's what they tell us as their friend gets on the back of the bike) on someone else.

Its a constant source of amusement to watch and listen to what people do and say as they watch their friends head off. If only the knew what they were missing - they would be joining their friends and coming out for a ride! Sharing the Ride Its more fun to share the experience. Riding in formation or more separate bikes allows you to see the look of joy on your friends face. After the ride you will be able to reflect on how good it really was. Memories are forged in the moment that will be talked about for years to come.

In conclusion, consider our advice. Take control of the date and time you give someone a Harley Ride. Don't waste your money purchasing a Gift Voucher for through other suppliers like Adrenaline or Red Balloon (we don't sell our rides through them, because they take 25% commission). This allows us to control the quality of the experience we provide.

If a Gift Voucher is your only option you can Purchase it Online. Here, you choose the amount you want to spend and a voucher is generated. The person you give this voucher to then simply contacts us and uses the Gift Voucher Credit to choose their ride.

Call John on 0419359628 to discus the options available.

Gift Idea

Its always more fun to share the Harley Ride Experience like this woman and her two daughters who go for a ride every year to celebrate their mother's birthday.

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