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How to convince your Mother to let you get a motorcycle

Do you have a mother, partner or other family member who is anti-motorcycle, who is standing in the way of allowing you to get your motorcycle licence? Then you need to send them out for a Harley Ride with us.

In our experience, having taken out hundreds of people over the years, a Harley Ride is where many start their motorcycle riding life.

Several years ago I was approached by a past customer. He gleefully told me, "Do you remember that ride my girlfriend organised for my birthday 10 years ago? You gave me heaps of good advice about getting my motorcycle licence. I'm now the President of Dandenong HOG (Harley Owners Group)."

Just this past weekend (see the video above) we took a couple out for a ride. The wife booked the ride to satisfy her husband's recent interest in motorcycles. She felt that going out for a Harley Ride would be enough. How wrong she was - it just lit the fire. At that same time she decided that even she would like to get a motorcycle licence of her own. This is far from an isolated incident. It happens all the time, when our passengers finally realise, having taken the experience, that motorcycles aren't actually as dangerous as all their non-riding friends and the rest of the world had led them to believe.

During every Harley Ride we have long discussions with our pillion passengers (yes we can hear you as we cruise along at city speed limits). When the subject of getting their motorcycle licence arises I subject them to the following test:

a. Are they able to fit a motorcycle into their lifestyle? I they have young kids, then family commitments may get in the way. Work commitments are another obstacle. If you are an executive who travels a lot, has to attend meeting in professional attire, then its unlikely that you will find time to actually ride your motorcycle.

b. How often will they ride?

To maintain an adequate level of safety I recommend that a motorcycle should be ridden a minimum of twice a week. Waiting for the weekend, perfect weather or whenever time permits is never going to happen. Too many riders have come unstuck heading out on a ride on a sunny Sunday morning, only to have been caught in a rainstorm in the afternoon. Safety is important. Experience in all conditions is even more important. c. Are they prepared to get all the Rider Training? Training to get your Learners Permit and your Licence are compulsory in all states these days. But, there is one step that most overlook - post training, time spent with a qualified Rider Trainer, to identify bad habits. Bad habits are what brings the most experienced riders down. d. Are they prepared to invest in all the Protective Clothing required?

Riders are most likely to come off their motorcycles in their first two years of riding. It often happens at the most embarrassing moments. You are riding slowly and brake in gravel or on a wet surface, and suddenly the bike goes down. Protective clothing save's abrasion and pain. Its common sense. I counsel them not to take the lead from other riders they see who are not wearing ATGATT (All the gear all the time). e. Do they understand how much it will cost to get a licence, purchase ATGATT and pay for the right beginners bike? Getting fully qualified is not a cheap activity. Just the cost of Rider Training is not cheap. Purchasing the right protective clothing could set one back several hundred dollars even before they purchase their new bike.

Many is the time I have told some of my passengers that they can't get a motorcycle, because they have failed one or other of the points above. Most often its simply because they can't fit a motorcycle into their lifestyle. Perhaps, they should wait until a later date. I also recommend that they visit TAC's Spokes site where they can access a veritable treasure trove of safety information, safety hints and tips, and riding videos.

Believe it or not - the Motorcycle Industry has no idea how much value we offer for their sales bottom line. If only we were allowed to invoice them for our salesmanship. But, sadly they have no idea that we even exist. I once wrote to Harley Davidson, only to receive a letter in replay wishing me good luck. Oh well, perhaps one day we might be able to team up and leverage resources.......Do you have someone who meets the criteria:

A negative mother or spouse who needs all the facts?

Someone planning to join the motorcycle community who needs the right advice? Book a one hour Harley Ride with us. Give us an hour with them and we guarantee that your negative mother will change her mind and that your negative spouse will demand that you get a motorcycle, or that she will want to get one too.

Call John anytime on 0419359628 to discuss anything in this article.

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