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Coronavirus? Harley Ride Update

UPDATE - Motorcycle Riding Restrictions from now until 31st October

Melbourne is now in Stage 4 Covid-19 restrictions. We are unable to take you out for a Harley Ride for until Melbourne comes out of Stage 4 retractions. You can now contact us and organise a Harley Ride with us for any day after 29th August. We are keen to start getting back to normal and taking people out for rides again. When you call we will try to identify a date, and if that arrives and restrictions are still in place we will reschedule your booking. Payment is not required at time of booking.

Call John on 0419 259628 to organise future bookings. Flexibility is our standard mode of operation. Payment arrangements are flexible and John will advise arrangements - we just want your bookings, payment can be finalised nearer the day of the booking.

We are Open for Business. Coronavirus concerns are taking their toll on large events that involve crowd gatherings. On a Harley Ride, we usually ride out in the country where there is less chance of big group gatherings. If you want to avoid coronavirus infection, taking a tour inside a bus or car are the ones to avoid. On a motorcycle you are only ever breathing fresh air. So, we can confidently say that you will be safe on a ride with us.

Therefore, you can be confident that if you want to go for a Harley Ride that bookings are available and we are open for business, and would love to hear from anyone who wants to go out for a ride with us albeit after 29th August. On the off chance that you book and come down with symptoms that may lead to cancellation of your booking, we will be happy to re-schedule or refund your payment. Pay on the Day of the ride is a common practice to cater for last minute cancellations. If you use our Online Book Facility credit cards can be refunded.

We would love to hear from you. You can call John at anytime on +61 0419359628 and he will provide all the advice required.


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