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Coronavirus Makes Ocean Road Greater

Victoria's iconic Great Ocean Road has always been one of my favourite rides, of which I have taken hundreds of people on a Harley Ride over the last 20+ years. Driving a car or going by bus are the worst ways to truly see and experience it.

Nothing ruins a great day out on the bike like getting stuck behind a tourist bus while negotiating this tight and winding road that clings to the coast. I can remember days riding the Great Ocean Road, from Lorne to Apollo Bay, without coming across another vehicle. In recent years things have changed. Traffic congestion has increased and tourist buses have taken a lot of the joy out of a Great Ocean Road ride. Tourist buses have taken a lot of the fun out of the Great Ocean Road (not that it isn't a great ride now - it still is!).

Coronavirus has changed all that. The tourist buses carrying thousands of Chinese and other foreign tourists have gone. Not since 1998 has it ever been like this - music to my motorcycle rider's ears. It will be an opportunity to return to Motorcycle Heaven.

The last time I took someone down the Great Ocean Road, we could barely move at the 12 Apostles, so large were the crowds. News reports today informs me that the 12 Apostles Reception Centre has closed. That's an indication that now is the best time to visit - arriving by motorcycle. The crowds will be gone. I'm getting exited just thinking about it.

This is why touring the Great Ocean Road as a passenger on a Harley Ride is not only safe, but is a must do activity:

The next few months, as Australia goes into lockdown and all foreign tourism ceases, are the best opportunity we will ever get to ride the Great Ocean Road and experience it as it was in the 'Good old days'.

If you are reading this and you are overseas unable to get to Australia to take advantage of this once in this century opportunity, don't feel disheartened, the Great Ocean Road is likely to stay this way at least until the end of 2020. It will take a long time for the tourist buses to return. I'm betting that the Great Ocean Road will remain in pre 21st Century mode for at least the next 18 months.

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