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The Perfect Getaway Experience

A Harley Ride is like a Lick of the Ice-cream. Once you have done it, only then will you understand why you needed to come out for a Harley Ride with us . Listen to what Charli, the host on Getaway chatted with John about on the ride they took for the episode which went to air recently.

We have, over the years, been the subject of many Travel Documentaries , Film and Television shows. John has also appeared on TV news where motorcycles and motorcycle safety has been the topic of the day. As sponsors of the FIFA World Cup we were called in to supply bikes for the filming of a Hyundai TV ad that went to air in Korea.

When a production company needs a Harley Davidson to include as part of their aim shoot, it has been us who they call. One such day that springs to mind is for the filming of the Australian episode of China's Next Top Model.

Or there was the time when they needed a Harley Davidson for an episode of Dancing with the Stars where John allowed Paul Green to ride his bike with Fifi Box as his pillion.

These are but just few of the times our Harley Davidsons have been utilised for Film and Television work. We have featured on many BBC and other foreign Travel Shows. Only your imagination limits the things you can use us for. Trust me If you need more information call John 0419 359628


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