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You can only really experience the majesty of this road on the back of a Harley.

Don't just see The Great Ocean Road, Experience it!!!

As she stepped off the back of the Harley Davidson she had been riding as a passenger for the day, I could see a look in Gail's eyes that betrayed the fact that the lights had come on. I asked her what she was thinking, and she quickly replied, "You can only really experience the majesty of this road on the back of a Harley." That road was of course The Great Ocean Road, an amazing tourist attraction that most tourists choose to see from inside a bus or car. In a Trip Advisor review she posted the following day she emphasised how she now realises why this is something one must do in order to understand why one should do it.

Few people realise that a motorcycle opens the world up and enables one to take in views from 360 degrees in very direction, without the visual obstructions that come from sitting inside a bus or car. This became obvious as we cried pass tourist buses parked on the side of the road at points of scenic significance, where passengers got out and took photos. From the back of the bike she was on, Gail didn't need to do that. Her view was unobstructed. had she wanted to take photo, she could have done so at any time from her seat behind her rider. Gail is representative of many people we take out for a Harley Davidson Ride experience. All too often they start the ride with one expectation and end the ride with a realisation that what they expected it to be like was nothing like what it really is like. After the ride they try to explain it to their friends, often only to find that look of confusion in the eyes of those they tell about the experience who struggle to relate to their enthusiasm. What most people know about motorcycles originates from the misconception they are fed by society that paint a false reality and tend to dissuade potential customers. What most people know about motorcycles and reality are opposites. The reality is - mot0rcycles are just another mode of transport. When your rider has millions of kms riding experience, they are as safe, if not safer than any car on the road. Safety is a priority when you have been riding as long as most of us, we know what to avoid in order to not scratch our expensive machines and will go to extreme efforts to avoid any potential hazards (believe it or not).


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