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Nothing Beats Riding in a Group of Harley Davidsons

There is no better experience than the feeling of riding a motorcycle with a group of friends. When those motorcycles are Harley Davidsons, the experience is heightened by the sounds and the feel of this iconic brand.

As a team building activity, reward or any other excuse, a Group Harley Davidson ride is the perfect activity that people never forget. Not surprisingly, organising a ride of this nature is something we do several times or more every year. In May 2018, we catered for a group of 210 from China, here as part of an Incentive Reward trip at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley. No - we can't do 210 people all at once, but we can cater for a group of up to 35 at a time. This is what we did on this occasion, taking groups on a circuit out from the winery and back in six back to back rides spread out over a six hour window. In June we have a booking for 26 people from Hong Kong, again here on an Incentive Reward trip. We will take them for a one hour ride from the city to Williamstown and back. Last year we were asked to provide bikes for a Great Race styled Team Building activity. As you can see in this video it was a great success.

But groups don't need to be large. They can involve just a few people, as was the case with this family visiting Melbourne from Mexico who we took out for a 2 hour ride.

But what makes riding on the back of a Harley Davidson different? Surprisingly, its a very intimate experience. Its not like being crowded into a tourist bus and taken around the city from which you need to go to a location to get out and actually experience that place. No, on the back of your motorcycle you can sit back and relax while you take in all the sights. We don't need to stop so that you can see everything. You actually see more from your pillion seat, you can use your camera (you don't need to hang on - believe it or not) and your rider will talk to you and point out things and explain the history and just get to know you.


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