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A Real Attention Getter

As the Harley Davidsons assembled in Flinders Lane, the group of people from Hong Kong coming out of their restaurant had no idea what was about to happen. They were fascinated by the sight of so many motorcycles and keen to take lots of photos. It was only when I walked up to their guide and announced to them that, "You are all coming with us for a Harley Ride!", that the penny dropped. It took a few minutes to marshal everyone to a bike and get them kitted out, and then off we rolled. The funniest thing happened a few blocks down Flinders Lane when we stopped at the lights - people standing on the path pulled out their cameras and started taking photos of us all (its all there in the video). You could feel the sense of excitement as our guests took in the experience. The smiles on their faces reflected how much they were enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. As we cruised out of town and over the Westgate Bridge and over to Williamstown where we stopped for photos these people, for whom ownership of the Harley Davidson Icon is likely well out of reach, this was not only the best way to take in the sights, but also an adventure and a way to meet a local (their own personal rider).

One notable fact is that, seated on the back of a Harley Davidson, its easy to use your camera. As can been seen in the video that's exactly what happened. We included a Harley Fitted with a sidecar, in which the tour photographer sat taking photos of the group and each passenger. If you want to give your employees something different as a reward for effort a Group Harley Davidson ride is the ideal choice. But, be warned, an hour is not much time - that's the complaint we get every time the ride ends and we drop them off at their final destination. Contact John for more information 61 0419359628


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