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When is it too cold to go for a ride on a Harley Davidson in Melbourne?

As I write, it is winter here in Melbourne.The maximum temperature forecast for today is 16C and sunny.

Melbourne lies at 38 degrees south of the equator. That's the same as the latitude of Sicily north of the equator. Italy is a country where motorcycles are very popular and ridden 365 days of the year.

When it gets cooler we simply wear more warm clothing, and when the sun is shining one can get quite hot inside the protective jackets we supply for our Harley Ride customers. Many has been the time that one of my passengers has complained of being too warm in the middle of winter here in Melbourne.

So, if you are planning a trip to Melbourne - don't let the idea that it gets cold in winter here stop you from taking a Harley Ride experience. We guarantee that you will enjoy the experience and that it will be nothing like anything you expected - in fact most people go away saying that it was the opposite of what they expected.

We once took two girls on a ride down the Great Ocean Road in the rain. We managed to keep them totally dry. They described it as a Great Adventure. This weekend we will be taking two more people down the Great Ocean Road. In April the temperature ranges from the 10C up to 25C (as it will be this weekend). In winter that just means that we wear more protective clothing to keep our passengers warm. You won't get cold or wet when on a ride with us. Melbourne has some of the best motorcycle friendly roads in Australia. Once you get outside the city limits, and up into the hills the roads wind and open up to expose exceptional vistas. The Great Ocean Road clings to the coastline taking you to the top of spectacular cliffs only to return you to sea level few minutes later. You have to experience it, to come close to understanding what I'm talking about.

The Black Spur outside Melbourne is a greta Harley Davidson Ride


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