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Have you ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair as you head out on the highway? Well, now you can

In a world mostly made up of oceans, one machine delivers an unparalleled experience on one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal roads. That machine? A Harley Davidson motorcycle is my choice, of course.

I have an intimate relationship with the Great Ocean Road and know every corner, its sights and smells. Sharing this amazing experience with people who don’t have a motorcycle license – even those who have never had even the remotest interest in motorcycles – is my life goal. Only when they have accompanied me as my pillion passenger on a Harley Ride, do they realise that this is a must do experience.

The Great Ocean Road is heaven for motorcycle riders and the setting amplifies the joy of riding. It is a challenging stretch of road with many twists and turns – one moment you are at sea level, the next you are 60 metres above the ocean riding along the edge of a cliff.

As one customer enthused, “What an amazing day! You wouldn't see half the scenery, get the local knowledge or experience anything like this from a car.”

As a passenger on a Harley Davidson ride you can sit back and enjoy majestic panoramic views while focus on the drive. I don’t ride at breakneck speed ­– that's not the way to enjoy the Great Ocean Road. I can't actually ride at much above the speed limit, because the road doesn't let me. The sensation of speed comes from the rapid acceleration and braking, all within the speed limit. It’s a feeling you need to experience in order to understand.

Over the last 10 years, less than 200 people have been privileged to share this experience with my company, HD Chauffeur Ride Pty Ltd. So, if you choose to join them, you will gain entry to an Exclusive Club.

“I don't think I could handle sitting on the back of a bike all day,” you say? Fear not. We don't ride continuously. We ride for an hour, stop to relax, ride for another hour, stop, relax, have lunch. Along the way you have the opportunity to absorb incredible views that would be missed aboard a tour bus. Get it? Then there’s the feeling you get from being on a Harley Davidson, the feel of the wind on your face, the looks of envy from other road users – in no time at all you will understand why this is an experience for anyone and everyone.

As we head into each bend you will hear the engine howl as the brakes are applied and I go down a few gears. Then, it’s off the brakes as we smoothly negotiate the bend. When a clear line sprawls ahead, the bike begins to straighten up and accelerates as the throttle is applied and the next corner races up towards us. You can now hear the scream of the Harley, music to one’s ears. Once again, the engine howls as I brake and go down a few gears, getting the corner set up just right. Then it’s through the bend and off to the next, and the next, for what seems like forever. Heaven.

Whatever day you choose, this is a ride you’ll never forget.

A few things to note:

  • These rides are not just for Harley Davidson enthusiasts

  • Weather is NOT a factor – we provide all necessary warm and protective clothing

  • Your safety is guaranteed – we have a perfect safety record, our riders are highly qualified (plus we don’t like the idea of scratching our expensive machines!)


* The Great Ocean Road gets clogged with traffic on weekends – for the best experience, try to schedule ride on a weekday.

* Avoid booking via internet agents. We don’t operate via external agents. If you want the real thing – book direct.

* Forget everything your non-motorcycle riding friends have told you or things you have read about. If they have never ridden a motorcycle, they are not qualified.

Facebook: HarleyRidesinMelbourne

Twitter: @JKarmouche

Phone: 0419 359 628


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