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Things You Never Knew You Could do with a Harley Davidson

Most people think that Harley Davidson's are just motorcycles, that people ride for pleasure. In reality there are many other ways to utilise a Harley Davidson. Over the last 30 years we have discovered ways to use them in ways which many could never have been imagined. Here is the list:

Birthdays. As a gift, a Harley Davidson might sound expensive. But its the manner in which the gift is presented that matters. Giving the gift of a joyride, an experience, a taste of the H-D Brand is something that these motorcycles are well suited to. And for the person given the gift, it may turn out to be the beginning of a lifetime riding motorcycles.

Wedding Proposals. How do you get the one love in your life to that romantic destination, where you ask them to marry you? A Harley Davidson is the perfect mode of transport. Arrange a surprise Harley Ride, the rider is under strict instructions not to give the game away....... Team Bonding. You have a team activity planned. You need to include something with a difference. Why not incorporate a Harley Ride as one of the activities? A "Great Race" theme is well suited to this. 

Marketing Education. Harley Davidson is the classic marketing success story. Its a symbol of an iconic Brand. Get a marketing expert in to give them a lecture about Branding which incorporates the Harley Davidson Story. Then have them taken for a Harley Ride, to experience the H-D Brand.

Christmas Show. You are a big retail outlet. Its your annual Christmas launch. Santa needs to arrive in style. Use a Harley Davison to ride him onto stage or into the venue or to your event. 

Funeral Escorts. For those for whom a motorcycle has been a major part of their life, a Harley Davidson is the perfect thing to have at their send off. Even for those who never managed to ride, or for whom due to other limitations were unable to ride but still retained a love of the H-D Brand, a Harley Davidson is a perfect way to celebrate their life.

Kids Parties. As a ride with a difference, a Harley Davidson fitted with a sidecar always goes down well with children. It keeps them occupied for an hour or so doing short laps of the block. Surprise Birthday Parties. You need to get the birthday person out of the house for an hour or two, so that you can set up their surprise party. Organise a Harley Ride to occupy them for an hour or so.

Wine Tours. Why ride in a boring bus or car, when you can ride on a Harley Davidson and really see the sights as well as going to some wineries and tasting some wine. A Harley Davidson is the perfect transport and you don't need to worry about the driving. An additional bonus is the extra dimension and fun that will be added to your wine tour.

Sightseeing Tours. When the journey is the destination, why not do it on a Harley Davidson? You don't miss any views, you experience the journey and can use your camera while the bike is in motion. Its an experience, once tasted, never forgotten.

Dramatic Entries. You want your speaker to make a grand entry. Have them ride onto stage seated behind a Harley Davidson rider. The classic Harley Sound alone will set the tone for the session. Television and Film. You need a prop for a TV Show or Movie. A Harley Davidson always fits the bill. We have done this many times from Bollywood Movies to TV Travel Shows to TV Reality shows. Only on'e imagination stands in the way.

Photography Props. For weddings, advertising or any other type of photography a Harley Davidson is often the photography prop of choice. Wedding Escorts. What better way to send a message that your wedding is something special. A Harley Davidson is the perfect choice to escort the bride to her wedding. Group Rides. Have you ever wondered why motorcycle riders get around in groups? Find out by going for a group ride on Harley Davidsons. Its like flying in formation, you can exchange glances with your friends seated on other Harley Davidsons. Its another experience that is never forgotten.

These are but examples of the things we have been asked to do since we were first established in 1992. Do you need advice? Call John on 0419359628


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