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This is the Best way to Tour the Great Ocean Road

Driving a car or taking a Bus Tour are the worst ways to see the Great Ocean Road. To truly experience this world famous stretch of scenic road and if you only have one day to see it, then there is only one way to tour the Great Ocean Road and that is by Motorcycle. If you don't have a motorcycle licence, then a Harley Ride, where you are the passenger, is the best choice (and one that all who have done it agree is the only way to go).

As one who has travelled this amazing stretch of road hundreds of times over the last 20+ years these are the reasons why you shouldn't choose a Bus Tour or drive a car along the Great Ocean Road:

A. Traffic. Getting stuck behind one of the many other tourists riding in another bus or driving a car means you can't experience the sights in all their spectacular entirety.

B. You must stop to see and photograph the sights. You can't see much from inside a bus or car, and will have to stop on the side of the road to get out and see the sights and photograph the views. Getting stuck behind one of the many other tourists riding in another bus or driving a car means you can't experience the sights in all their spectacular entirety. One can't see much from inside a bus or car, and will have to stop on the side of the road to get out and see the sights and photograph the views. 

I can't think of anything more boring than travelling along the Great Ocean Road in a bus or a car. There is only one way to take in the sights and experience what this winding road offers and that is as a passenger seated on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This is why this is the Greatest Ocean Road Tour:

A. Traffic doesn't slow us down. There are numerous places where a motorcycle can easily and safely overtake slow moving cars and buses.

B. 360 Degrees Views.

From your seat behind your Harley Davidson Rider the views are all around you. Its an excellent photography and video platform. You won't miss many (or any!) of the spectacular sights, in fact you won't miss any!

C. The Exhilaration. Just ask any motorcycle rider. This is an amazing stretch of what we call a "rider's heaven". At one moment you are 200 metres above the ocean, looking down a cliff face at the sea below, and then a few moments later down at sea level. Its and experience you will never forget. This is when the penny drops and people suddenly realise why motorcycling is so addictive.

D. Its not Just About the 12 Apostles. Its about the journey - not the destination. Its about getting the most out of the journey and a Harley Ride along the Great Ocean Road is the only way to maximise the complexity, variety and magnificent sights offered by this historic road.

One only needs to read what people who have ridden along the Great Ocean Road, as passengers on a Harley Ride have said on Trip Advisor:

"My son and I were picked up on time by John and Michael, and with gloves, jackets, helmets all provided, off we went for an adventure down The Great Ocean Road. The day was exhilarating. The Bikes were pristine and the boys well experienced riders. You can only really experience the majesty of this road on the back of a Harley. Smell the sea and the air, feel the turns in the road, and be part of this magnificent coast line, not just an onlooker. This is a thrilling day out, and I would highly recommend it to one and all, of any age. Do yourself a favor.....and do it !!!!!

"I hired John, to take me on a motorcycle ride of the Ocean Drive in Melbourne... I've been riding motorcycle for 30 yrs and although riding as a passenger was not my first choice but as Australia drives on the other side of the road (I’m from Canada) it allow me the opportunity to take in to whole sceneries while John was concentrating on the road… He has been doing this trail for many years and knows the road well, knows when to down shift and twist the throttle for this corner or slow and easy in other corners. He is a great easy going guy and would have no problems riding with him again or recommend his services… From my point of vue, Ocean Drive on the back of a motorcycle is the way to see this beautiful piece of the country."

"Joined John for a once in a life time trip down to the 12 Apostles and it is by far the best way to experience the great ocean road. I enjoyed it so much i book a tour round Melbourne to celebrate my last week in he city. First time on a Harley and John was very friendly and knowledgeable. Telling me all about the city and the great ocean road. A must do!"

You don't need to believe me, just ask anyone who has taken a Harley Ride.

Yes, its not the conventional way to tour. But it is clearly the best and most enjoyable. Having taken many, many people on this tour over the last 20 years even I am yet to tire of this ride. For us its a very intimate experience - its just you and your rider (who by the end of the day will be someone you won't forget in a hurry). Its not the cheapest, but it is the best value when compared to any other tour option.

If you are planning a visit to Victoria, then don't leave this off your list of things to do. Too few people know about us, despite all the efforts we have made over the years. We need people to spread the word.

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