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Will Our Harley Ride Customers Return?

Covid-19 has devastated the Tourism Industry in Australia. International tourists, which in the past represented about 30% of Harley Ride bookings, have gone and don't look like getting back to normal in the near future. If the world doesn't open up again soon its doubtful it ever will.

At the end of last financial year in May - June 2019 we had some big corporate bookings and things were good. Winter is normally our low season. But, even when its cooler customers were still there. Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and a government encouraging social distancing has reduced monthly turnover to $Zero.

As lockdown restrictions have been lifted there has been a noticeable public attitude shift and Harley Rides appear to be its first victim. As a passenger on a motorcycle it's impossible to maintain a 1.5m social distancing separation. We would argue that your caches of being infected while on a Harley Ride are nearly impossible, there are many who would disagree with our assertion. This subject has already been addressed in previous Blog Articles, so I won't regurgitate that argument again here.

Our customers can be divided into three distinct groups - Locals 40%, Tourists 30% and Corporate Groups 30%. Local bookings are for Birthday/Anniversary/Special Occasions and are made by friends organising a surprise for a friend or family member. Tourists tend to book our longer rides, like a Yarra Valley Winery Tour, a Three Hour Dandenong Ranges Tour or a Day Tour down the Great Ocean Road. Corporate Groups are frequent and profitable source of income where in just one day we can do as many rides as all Local and Tourists combined.

As the weather gets warmer local bookings (hopefully) will return. However, I fear that we will be forgotten for some time. We are too small to be able to afford the advertising expense required to re-establish ourselves, given that most of our business is word-of-mouth.

HD Chauffeur Ride Pty Ltd has been in existence since 1993. Over the years it's been a great ride and I honestly can't say that I would ever want to close it down. As long as people keep calling and requesting a Harley Ride I'll be more than happy to accomodate their request.

Can You help?

Our survival relies on people spreading the word. Over the years we have garnered many 5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews and that's been great but the people we really need are you people reading this article to share it widely with anyone you can reach.

If you are an SEO company, sorry don't waste your time contacting us. I've tried that and it hasn't worked. Besides the $Mega required just aren't in my bank account.

Lastly, its always great to receive a call - just to let us know that you are all still out there, or so John can give you some ideas for a ride in the near or distant future. Call anytime (and I mean any time) on 0419359628


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