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Year in Review

2019 proved to be yet another eventful year for Harley Rides on Melbourne.

There was a bit of everything this year. There were Birthdays, Corporate Group Ride, Great Ocean Road Tours, Weddings - there was no end to the amazing things we did this year.

We weren't busy. People seem to think that we are in high demand. The truth is - we are not in as high demand as we would like to be. In fact there have been some weeks during the year when nothing has been happening. Then - out of the blue - someone makes a request and its off we go, making people happy again.

Truth be said, that's what we do - we focus on making people happy by sharing the experience of riding on a Harley Davidson. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't been for a Harley Ride with us. Most people would never consider going for a Harley Ride (in the mistaken belief that motorcycles are dangerous) based on the very little they know about motorcycles.

Take the time to watch the video above. Take the time to see the joy in the eyes of the people involved. You'll soon understand what we're talking about here.

Here's a brief summary of 2019 Harley Rides:

Birthday Surprise - 35

Wedding Anniversary - 1

Tourists - 34

Disability Sidecar Rides - 4

Gift Vouchers - 2

Funeral Escorts - 2

Corporate Groups - 5

Local Booked Rides - 14

Great Ocean Road Tours - 2

Sidecar Rides at School Fete's/Family Xmas Parties - 6

Weddings - 1

As you can see, we haven't been that busy, but busy enough to make a lot of people happy. There is rarely a day when its difficult to take someone for a ride - even when they call at late notice. We managed to get a sidecar ride organised pithing 40 minutes from time of request last week. So, its never too late to call.

We hope that this article has given inspiration to someone reading this. Please consider us and call John on 0419359628 or simply use our Online Booking Page.


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