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Harley Davidson Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Harley Davidson Rides  FAQ

Your Questions Answered

Here you will find a number of frequently asked questions about our services and offerings at Harley Rides in Melbourne HD Chauffeur Ride Pty Ltd. If you still have pending doubts after going through the FAQ page, please get in touch with us directly and we will provide answers. We are always happy to hear from our clients, so give us a call!

Do I need to hang on tight?

Only if you are desparate. When the bike is in motion you actually don't need to hang onto anything (believe it or not). We know you probably don't believe us - so we will demonstrate during the ride. After 5 minutes into the ride all those fears you may have had before the ride will be gone.

How do I know what ride is right for me? What duration ride should I choose?

The more time you choose, the more sights we will be able to share with you.

An hour is a good place to start, in two hours we can go much farther afield and stop somewhere for a coffee break. Three hours is a great ride out to Mt Dandenong. Five hours gives us enough time to go out to the Yarra Valley and visit a few wineries. In a full day, we can take you on a Great Ocean Road trip where you will experience this spectacular road and visit the 12 Apostles.
At the end of the day, the experience you choose is only limited by your budget.

Do I need my own jacket?

No. We provide all the protective clothing required. All you need to bring is your own sunglasses (or we will make you wear a pair of ours). We can carry any bags and other personal items in the pannier bags fitted to our bikes.
You do need to wear long trousers and covered shoes, not sandals or something that doesn't cover your feet.

Where do your Harley Rides start?

Your Harley Davidson rider will come to wherever you nominate as your pick up location and drop you off where you nominate. We don't have any particular place for the start of each Harley Ride. We will tailor your ride to suit your requirements. All we need to know is your address or which hotel you are staying at. Its that simple.

Do I need special insurance? Or do I have to sign an indemnity?

No. You do not need any special insurance, nor will you be asked to sign an indemnity. Our Industry is covered by the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC), which means that in the event of an accident all your medical costs, including the cost of the ambulance to take you to a hospital are covered. We are also covered for Public Liability.

In more than 20+ years there has never been an occasion when one of our customers has been injured and taken to hospital. We have a spotless record. We really don't like the idea of scratching or seeing our expensive machines getting damaged. Our riders are highly experienced and staying safe is something they all take pride in.

Sidecar or Solo?

Sidecars are suitable for children under 8 years of age, or people with a physical disability. A sidecar is a totally different experience - similar to riding in an open top car. In our opinion a Solo is by far and away the better experience. If you are on a budget, then perhaps a sidecar is the right choice - but we always recommend a Solo ride. Its far more enjoyable and it means we don't get stuck in traffic.

Why would someone choose to ride as a passenger on a Harley Davidson?

Put simply - its the best way to see the world around you. Unlike going on a bus tour - we don't need to stop for you to get out and take photographs.

For many people what they know about motorcycles and reality are two entirely different things. Don't believe what you your non-motorcycle riding friends have told you - they are wrong. It will be nothing like you expect it to be. Its will be better by 100 times.
Only after you have completed this motorcycle experience will you fully appreciate why you must do it.

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