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Explore Melbourne with a group of Harley Davidsons!

Harley Group Rides Melbourne - NB Maximum Group 15 to 20 

Have you seen a group of Harley Davidson motorcycles ride through Melbourne’s CBD or surrounding areas? Chances are, you heard them first and turned to see what that awesome, unique sound was. Then you would have seen us on one of our Harley group rides Melbourne customers love.

Harley Rides in Melbourne – HD Chauffeur Ride provides a unique experience on the back of an authentic Harley Davidson motorcycle, and there are sidepods available for friends to sit together. You will never see – or feel – Melbourne quite like this, as we visit some of the most iconic sights in the city. We also do tours around the area for a different experience.

Harley group rides around Melbourne are a great way to meet people interested in experience something different – just like you.

Our group tours are either for groups who book together or individuals who book separately and come together for a fantastic day out. For groups who book together, we can arrange a meeting point or pick you up from your home or hostel for extra convenience.

To find out more about Harley group rides in Melbourne and the surrounding area, contact us today on +61 0419 359 628 or book online.

Explore Melbourne with a group of Harley Davidsons

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