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Corporate Bonding

Melbourne is the Conference Capital of Australia that attracts events from all over the world to the Melbourne Convention Centre on the bank of the Yarra River. Over the last 20 years conference organisers have used Harley Rides as a "breakout activity" for attendees. Some have incorporated a Harley Ride as a "team bonding activity". Often the ride is a surprise for those involved. The look of excitement in the eyes of those about to get on the back of a Harley Davidson is, to say the least, memorable. Most would never have chosen to go on a Harley Ride. The ride creates memories which live with the participants and are recounted with their workmates long after the ride.

This group were divided into teams and sent out on a Great Race style competition

The options are endless, and with a little bit of imagination its not difficult to conjure something memorable. Trust us, we have seen everything and you would be surprised at the types of things we have been called on to do. For one occasion, the ride concept was to create an impression that nobody would forget. The participants were picked up in an old run down bus, driven by an unkempt tour operator. To add to the intrigue as the bus headed off it passed a group of riders sitting on the side of the road. As soon as they saw the bus pass these "bikies" took of in pursuit, and cornered the bus. It was all a big joke and designed to set the scene. Watch this video and you'll see what we mean:

Our instructions were to act like angry bikies (warning strong langauge) and show the shonky tour operator how to do it properly.

You could call it the "Ultimate Bikie Experience" in keeping with public perceptions of what Harley Riders are all about. The truth is - we are actually quite civilised. Teamwork is a constant theme chosen by event organisers where a large group is broken into smaller teams and rotated through a number of activities that requires them to move around the city and find us by interpreting a list of coded instructions. They have to tell us where to take them. In reality we already know where they are going and so we never get lost.

This group was split into three teams. We were one part of the activity.

After a long couple of days working at a conference, the atmosphere can be changed by running a breakout activity, another activity often requested.

Nothing beats a cruise along the Great Ocean Road to relax everyone at the end of a long couple of days. All it takes is a bit of imagination. You don't need a lot of bikes. There are endless ways to organise an activity that won't blow the budget. Don't fall into the trap that everyone must go for the ride all at the same time. If the group is over 25 to 30 people, we just don't have that many riders. Using less bikes and booking us over a couple of hours, or breaking the group down into shorter rides, all in one hour, is the most cost effective option.

If this idea sounds like something you would like to incorporate for your next convention, staff bonding end of year activity or as an incentive/reward, call John and seek his advice on +61 0419359628.

Corporate Bonding

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