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Business Under Covid-19 Lockdown

It's now been almost four months since we have taken anyone out for a Harley Ride. My Heritage Softail is sitting in my garage waiting patiently for me to take it out for a ride. This time last year I would have been clocking up lots of kilometres, but all that is a distant memory now that Melbourne has gone into Covid-19 Lockdown.

My Heritage Softail

I do have several bookings in my diary for Harley Rides, but they are all in late August and as far away as September. As we get closer those bookings will be re-assessed in light of the existing lockdown conditions. In this last week one booking was put on the back burner for a later date as Melbourne swung into Stage 4 lockdown. We can only live in hope that things will return to a semblance of normality sooner than later.

Job Keeper, payments for which as an ABN registered business I am qualified to collect is what keeps us in existence. But, I would much rather not be putting my hand out for that money.

Pre-pandemic the flow of bookings were trending towards what looked like being a great year. In late February we took a late group go American agents out for one of the local big hotels. It was part of their plan to familiarise these agents as to what the hotel could provide these people who were responsible for bringing concert entertainment performers and their entourages to Melbourne.

Our American Friends

I often ask myself, "is it worth keeping going?" On reflection its my love of riding my Harley Davidson, and sharing that experience that stops me from just giving it all away.

Will our old customers return? I know they are out there. As the weather starts to get warmer people will start to call. If we are not in lockdown their requests will be filled.

We would love to hear from you. It may be that you just want to touch base, you want to book something in for a later date. We aren't going anywhere and will be available to take you or anyone else for a ride in the future.

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