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What is there to see in Melbourne?

Nelson Place in Williamstown

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It is located in the state of Victoria at approximately 38 degrees south of the equator. As such it has a climate which varies from very warm in the summer to mildly cool (but not freezing) in the winter. As a destination, it offers a diverse variety of things to see and do. Most tourists fail to capitalise on what Melbourne really has to offer. Many never get out of the centre of the main downtown area. Maybe its because there is some much to see and the shopping is endless which stops them from adventuring out to the real Melbourne. If you really want to see what Melbourne has to you need to jump on the back of one of our Harley Davidson motorcycles and ride around the city with us. My favourite destination, one which is not all that easy for the average tourist to get to is Williamstown. This quaint little destination is located a short distance from the centre of Melbourne, on the western side of the Yarra River and is reached by crossing the Westgate Bridge. Way back last century this was very much a working class area. Today its original identity still remains but has been replaced by a slightly wealthier demographic. This resulted from the de-industrialization that saw people move into the suburb and renovate many of the many old home in the area. Williamstown contains the architectural history of Melbourne. As the second oldest suburb one can see how homes changed in their design over the decades since it was established in the late 19th century. There was a time when Williamstown and Melbourne were two different settlements. Williamstown was almost chosen as the location for the original city, but due to a lack of fresh water it lost out. The main city centre of Melbourne is located where it is now because that is where the fresh water starts. And it was the need for fresh water by the early settlers which led to Williamstown becoming the quiet backwater.

The best way to experience and see all that Williamstown has to offer is to take a One hour Harley Ride. During your ride, not only won't you miss anything, you will be able to listen to your personal guide (your Harley Davidson Rider chauffeur) who will point out everything as we cruise along. The greatest benefit of doing this is that your rider will be able to give you great advice and point you at places to go and things to see which are off the normal tourist trail. For the more adventurous, a ride out to the Yarra Valley to visit a few wineries is another great idea. Again, you will ride up through the hills - along a route not taken by the conventional tour companies. When time is your enemy, and you want to take in many sights in a short period of time, taking a chauffeured Harley Davidson Ride is the best option. Its an experience you will never forget!


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